Captive Islands’ – an odyssey in the Colonial Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

A fascinating story of exploration and adventure at the turn of the nineteenth century – you can’t put it down! – Chris Bonington CVO, CBE, DL

Hardback book – 140 photographs/illustrations

First published 2019

For centuries, the sole occupants of the Andamans lived in isolation, a primitive pygmy race with a culture in the Stone Age. To the south are the Nicobar Islands, home to the Nicobarese.

Max Bonington arrived at Port Blair as shipwright and harbour-master (1897). Not a place for the faint-hearted – lethal tribes, escaping convicts, working elephants in remote forest camps, barely-known islands and people – encounters that tell the story of these islands during their era of British control.


Captivated by the Islands – It’s gripping reading for many reasons. When I consider their ages and the responsibilities they undertook, modern life seems a doddle and has no serious demands, perhaps this is why we make mountains out of molehills.
The illustrations hold the interest along with the developing narrative demanding that you do not put the book down! – S.B. Essex – 2019

– a brilliant journey through the life of Max and Charles Bonington on these islands – a fascinating, gripping and respectful window into the ebb and flow of their time. AR – London 2019

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